Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta

Andre Alonzo Chambers

June 24, 2022



Andre Alonzo Chambers pointed out that, a short drive from downtown is the most beautiful part of Puerto Vallarta, with pristine landscapes and turquoise ocean waters. The area is also home to many natural pools created by towering rock formations. The warm waters of these pools mean that they are ideal for swimming year-round. Restaurants and bars here are usually quite expensive, but they are used to hosting wedding parties and other formal gatherings. If you are on a budget, you can still enjoy the area’s beauty without spending a fortune.

Playa Yelapa

Playa YELPA is a stunning stretch of sand that is located approximately twenty miles west of the city. It is a perfect choice for those who want a quiet beach holiday. While many of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta are crowded, Playa Yelapa is completely undeveloped and secluded. In fact, you can get to the beach from Puerto Vallarta by boat in about 45 minutes. You can also try the delicious dessert pies made by the beach vendors.

Andre Alonzo Chambers

Accessible only by boat, Yelapa is a perfect retreat from the busy city. There are hiking trails, interesting accommodations, and great sunset views on the Pacific Ocean. You can even stay in one of the rustic beachside restaurants and enjoy a Mexican meal with a view of the ocean. There is also plenty to do in the village of Yelapa. If you want a more active vacation, you can take a horseback ride.

Playa Conchas Chinas by Andre Alonzo Chambers

Playa Conchas Chinas has pristine landscapes and is the ideal place to get swept away in romance. Located just minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta, this pristine beach features turquoise water, towering rock formations, and natural tide pools teeming with colorful sea creatures. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in these natural pools, which remain calm and unspoiled by waves.

The golden sand of Conchas Chinas Beach, the turquoise water, and the rock formations brilliantly displayed in the sky make this beach a perfect destination for a romantic day by the sea. Playa Conchas Chinas is one of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta for this reason, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly. Once you get there, you’ll know the perfect beach for you.

Another great beach in Puerto Vallarta is Playa Las Amapas. While the beach is not easily accessible, it’s close enough to downtown. It borders Conchas Chinas Beach to the north. Although this is a secluded, quiet beach with few amenities, this beach is surrounded by beautiful houses and luxurious hotels. You can spend your afternoon reading a good book or simply relaxing in the sun.

Playa Las Animas

Andre Alonzo Chambers believes that, you want to enjoy water sports while in Puerto Vallarta, you can take a trip to Playa Las Animas, a long sandy beach. The waves are perfect for surfing, and there are several thatched-roof restaurants to enjoy a meal. The area is also a popular spot for water sports, such as banana boat rides and parasailing. The best thing about Playa Las Animas is that you can rent all kinds of equipment at the beach, so you can enjoy yourself with no problem.

Getting to the beach is relatively easy – you can simply take a taxi from the port of Puerto Vallarta to Boca de Tomatlan, a fishing village about 10 miles south of the city. Once you are there, take a dirt road and walk down to the mouth of the river. You can park your car at the end of the trail or take a guided tour to reach the Colomitos, the most challenging section of the trail.

Playa Palmares by Andre Alonzo Chambers

The blue flag certification of Playa Palmares means that it is one of the cleanest and safest beaches in the area. Visitors can easily reach this beach via public transportation, car, or even water taxis. Its pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters make it the perfect destination for a family picnic. In addition, the beach is handicapped accessible and has plenty of public parking, which is a big plus for visitors.

Playa Palmares is about three miles south of the Zona Romantica. You can take an Uber or use the city bus to reach it. This is a great beach for swimming and is not overcrowded. Despite its secluded location, it is known to offer white, sugary sand and crystal-clear water. You can also enjoy some quiet time here while reading a book.