About Me

Andre Alonzo Chambers was never a typical kid growing up. He was always looking at the world in terms of what else could be done beyond what was immediately in front of him. That insight has so far taken Andre amazingly far, with huge accomplishments that started early on in life and continue today.

Grabbing the Tech Horse by the Reins

As young as age 20, Andre Chambers was already leading people with high tech. The newness of the tools made logical sense; the world was evolving rapidly in the direction of new tools and environments, and those who got on board early were going to be the ones who benefitted the most from the change. Who would have thought just some 20 years ago that devices as small as a hand would have as much financial and communication power as they do today? The typical smartphone today has the equivalent power of a network server some two decades ago.

A Natural Transition to Leadership

Seeing the power of computing, Andre shot up the ranks quickly. He was already a team supervisor in a tech company before he was old enough to drink alcohol. And the opportunities he saw continued to explode, especially with small and medium-sized businesses that could fit niches in markets where big players got stuck or needed nimble help. By 22, Andre Chambers was already running his own tech company providing consulting help and expert assistance to those major players himself. Rather than earning a paycheck, he was now signing them for staff and employees in Andre’s own company. And the client roster wasn’t a chump change portfolio either. Andre’s company was providing tech support for big players like Toyota, AFLAC, State Auto and a number of other major accounts.

Playing the Market

Andre wasn’t stuck with his eggs in one basket either. He took advantage of the tumultuous real estate market during the 2000s and worked on investment positions in properties as well. That put Andre Chambers in the unique position of having investments in at least three different states, experiencing notable differences between regional markets, local economics and real estate values. Combining his worth with partners, Andre was able to leverage his positions into multi-million dollar ventures, working his way up from a portfolio of an initial three homes.

Time for a Big Life Change

When 2020 arrived, however, Andre Chambers decided it was time for a major life change. He was tired of the constant chase associated with a global consulting company, hassling with the success of the firm and being publicly traded, and how much it took him away from his family. It was time for something different. So, Chambers switched gears dramatically and focused on being near the home front far more. He allocated valuable time to teaching his kids at home, Chambers put in hours with local small businesses trying to survive during the initial COVID hit, and he found ways to volunteer in the community far more than before.

Starting to Live a Broader Life

Andre also found time to enjoy life a lot more as well. BBQ’ing became a personal pastime for the entrepreneur, especially when it came to smoking meat for extensive flavoring results. He got so into the cooking and grilling approach, Andre ended up collecting an assortment of grilling equipment, including a smoker and two separate regular grilles for simultaneous cooking on big meal days.

Travel also became a big enjoyment factor. The world is a far bigger place than just markets and positions, and Andre began to explore far more. Trips ranging from Puerto Vallarta to the Alps and lower Germany-Bavaria became memory-making adventures for the former tech company owner, as well as far simpler trips just going camping locally or regionally.

All of the above didn’t take Andre completely away from his personal drive though. He still felt connected in later years to invent, create, push and develop business opportunities. Among different examples, like DMV ASAP, Andre has taken floundering ideas or failing companies and turned them around. He has found gold where people only see trash, and he salvages new resources from what others throw away. With the resurrection of DMV ASAP from a leftover shell he took over in 2020, Andre created yet another opportunity for employment as well as success for himself online. But, remembering his past, Andre doesn’t keep that success to himself only. He has actively donated resources, funding in grants and direct computer equipment to local schools in his Las Vegas community. He also found ways to support the local Boys & Girls Club, homeless help charities, and Big Brothers Big Sisters as well.

Looking to the Horizon for What's Next

Life will continue to throw curves as well as breakthroughs, this much Andre Chambers knows well. The trick to getting through it all involves resilience and the ability to bounce through the bumps instead of being knocked off track by them. There's never going to be a perfect day where everything goes according to plan. Something always goes sideways, but those variations can also mean opportunities for something bigger. Andre Alonso Chambers knows this fact well; he's lived by it for decades with great success.


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